Health & Activity Tips

  Activity Tips

  Children are always up to something. In this electronic age of video games and television, parents often wonder and struggle to find a fun activity for kids that help enhance their child’s ability to create and imagine.

  Physical activity plays a major role in maintaining a healthy body weight and that is why it is so important to encourage children to keep moving.

  Try any activity and discover an artist, a chef, a gardener in your little champion. Keep them engaged through holidays, and moreover have fun!

  A child's job is to move freely and be active every day!

  Toddlers and pre-schoolers should be physically active for at least three hours each day, and this activity should be spread throughout the day. Active play helps young children improve the health of their muscles, bones and heart, develop new movement skills, build self confidence and improve their communication and social skills.

  Some examples of activities that young children may enjoy include:

  •  Action games and songs
  •  Free play in playgrounds or sandpits
  •  Pedaling a bike
  •   Riding a scooter

  Snacks Policy

  Your child needs to bring a snack everyday for preschool. We encourage you to provide a healthy snacks (Fruits, Veggie’s, Cheese etc) as these will provide them the needed energy & fuel for a good learning environment.

  Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Honey and sugar should only be included in a toddler’s diet in small amounts. Replace biscuits, cakes, chocolate and other sweets with snacks such as fruit and whole meal bread cut into interesting shapes.

  As far as possible, avoid food with excessive refined or processed food. Go easy on Maida, processed cheese, etc.Try to limit juice to 4 to 6 ounces for your preschoolers. Dilute full strength juice if your preschooler drinks juice more than once a day so the total of full strength juice is 4 to 6 ounces.

  Make sure to serve 100% fruit juice. No added sugar, syrup or any other synthetic ingredients.In a restaurant stick to your rules about no aerated drinks. Aerated drinks have no nutritional value but have several negative effects on children.

  If your child has a food allergy please contact with your child’s teacher before the beginning of school years.