Chairman's Message

With the help of senatorial activities they become conscious of the physical aspects of their material environment i.e. shape, size, color, sound, texture, smell, taste & etc and can explore the environment consciously. When the children are 3+ years of age the need to become conscious of his spoken language on the level of sounds. They need help to use the correct words in order to give expression of their experiences.

Languages is made up of sentences composed of words which are again composed of articulates sound, we help the children to become conscious of these sounds. We give them letters of alphabets as symbol of sounds. We present sand paper letters to the child. They pronounced the sound of the letter as they trace it and thus association gets tied by three knots that is visual, acoustic and muscular; parallel with the languages activities we offer the children the activities of arithmetic which establish quantitative relationship between object and things.

Once the children have learning numbers 1 to 10 we offer them sand paper figure the basic numbers. All the activities give them in direct preparation for writing the numbers. Activities include also singing, dancing, storytelling, general knowledge, recitation, drawing, handwork and etc. So we in Little Laurels help the child to become independent in all respects to trade the path of their future life in our society and grow into a total human being and I assure you that once a child is admitted in any of our three classes as per age that is crawlers toddlers or walkers that is nursery, lower KG or upper KG, he or she will be automatically transferred to class- 1 in Sudhir Memorial Institute.

Sincerely Yours,

Late Dr. Subrata Bhattacharya (Founder Chairman)

(D.SC., D. Lit.)

(07.10.1946 - 23.05.2021)